BSS Solution Analyst - Anankei

Brussels BE

1. Mission & tasks to execute

- Mission context :

Following additional workload, the IT Customer & Product factory (BSS) is reinforcing its team to be able to deliver the projects on the business roadmap.

The consultant is a mix of IT Solution Analyst/Project manager with Technical knowledge in Telco BSS. He will be responsible to manage the delivery of small/medium Business-as-Usual commercial projects (like new promotion or offers, new products launch, adaptation of offers, …).

He will be also responsible to manage the Sprint delivery of SalesForce / Vlocity application, used for the Order Entry in the different Sales channels

- Main Tasks to execute :

• Participates to meetings with business stakeholders to understand and challenge business needs/requirements
• Collect and document IT requirements in addition to the business requirements (Non Functional requirements, Security requirements, Performance requirements, testing & environment requirements, IT operation requirements…)
• Designs solutions with technical stakeholders/providers to respond to business and IT requirements
• Validate technical solutions proposed by the providers
• Follow the technical implementation until the MTP, including the testing phase, and take all needed actions to ensure the delivery on time, on budget and on quality


2. Profile


• University Degree, with at least 5 years’ experience
• Proven experience in implementation allowing practical knowledge of integration challenges (performance, negative flows, error management, …)
• Responsible of the e2e of the proposed solution
• Previous experience in IT roles
• Experience in Agile methodology


• Has a knowledge of the systems used (Telco BSS). A practical knowledge of SalesForce/Vlocity is a real asset for this role
• Technical expertise in (either):
o Salesforce / Vlocity
o Telco Billing systems
o Telco Order management systems
o System integration : API (Web Service), system connectivity, security, …

• Able to understand business requirements, liaise with the business to propose to most suitable solution answering his/her needs
• Able to challenge a functional and technical proposal from the partners.
• Able to manage the delivery of IT projects with several partners, including off-shore partners

• Organized
• Is able to explain technical complex matters to a variety of audiences and ensures meaning is understood.
• Assertive

• FR and/or NL
• EN