Business System Owner MENTE - SII Belgium

Brussels BE

Your mission:

The BSO plays a key role in developing, adapting and improving appropriate, effective and efficient tools to support all types of processes throughout the organisation.

You are responsible for the proper functioning of the application(s) you are responsible for, which means that processes are supported in such a way that improvement of customer satisfaction is maximally envisioned.

You are the contact person for all projects or process improvements that could impact your application(s). You work in direct contact with the various business initiators’ departments as an expert and with the Technical Application Owners and technical analysts to evaluate and challenge their proposal.

You take into account all user groups in the impact analysis and business improvements. For this, you work closely with the Process Managers.

You play a key role in the release process, to guarantee coherence, keep strong usability of the application, and deliver projects in time, budget and with high quality. You advise to give the Go/No Go for the production Go Live, depending on the testing success rate & the associated risks.

You also work as validator in the process to deliver Test Scenario & Release Notes / Training kits and develops efficient relationship with UAT testing team and training department.

Your responsibilities:
1. You verify requests related to application(s) in your domain and assess if a project is necessary
2. You describe the request in the requirement phase so that the requestor gets what is wanted. You act as a validator of pre-written requirements by a business or process owner, or as a writer, depending on the project.
3. You actively participate in strategic discussions on future evolution and roadmap of your application(s) in line with the IT blueprints and overall corporate strategy
4. You advise management on prioritization
5. You challenge the required IT budget, solutions and capacity management
6. You review the application specifications, focus on generic developments, act as business representative but remain an independent referee on application level
7. You ensure that all ref data for existing and new functionalities are maintained
8. As business owner of your projects, you explain new functionalities in workshops to testers and help M&P and training teams by explaining system changes
9. You provide close follow-up to ensure that overall operational situation remains stable
10. You participate in the recommendations in order to maintain an adequate system enabling to follow the needs of the company towards future developments
11. You advise first line support teams in case of bugs, knowledge gaps and interfaces with IT when needed
12. You participate in the incident management by advising possible solutions or temporary workarounds.
13. You are responsible for Access Management of your application(s) by keeping roles & profiles as simple as possible
14. You are accountable for maintaining the knowledge on the business rules embedded within the application(s). The process managers are your counterparts for processes.
15. You coordinate/steer sanity checks during release week-ends and take part in the decision process in case of blocking issues.
16. You maintain an application dashboard with the key KPI’s, a stakeholder map and an application roadmap.


Your profile:
1. You have good knowledge of business processes and applications in general, and you are eager to learn fast and develop strong competences
2. You have 3 to 5 years of experience in the business or IT domains related to MENTE
3. Capability to manage your workload linked to the multitude of different projects and releases to deliver and give expert advice in time
4. You can easily bridge between end-user and IT expert teams
5. Your approach is analytical, concise and pragmatic, keeping a helicopter view and checking details when needed
6. You develop good relationships with IT & business in complex, cross-functional / cross divisional initiatives and processes.
7. You display strong leadership and the ability to influence others in a virtual team structure, to negotiate and solve conflicts.
8. You are fluent in English, Dutch and French