Functional Analyst (permanent/freelance) - Equalminds

Antwerp BE

User stories, use cases, wireframes, business rules, company processes, etc. If you get excited by just reading these words, just wait for what we have in store for you. Because we are looking for an enthusiastic Functional Analyst.


Being an enthusiastic Functional Analyst at Equalminds means that you understand our customers’ business context. First, you discover their processes, practices, work and rules. Then, you identify the work needed to achieve our customer’s goal by actively participating in estimation and planning meetings.

Translating the requirements to a team of developers by providing them with user stories, use cases, wireframes, data models and business rules really makes you tick. On top of that, you define acceptance criteria and close the loop through integration testing.

Optimizing the interaction between the user and the system under construction is of great importance.  Learning culture over ultimatums, custom solution over a one-size-fits-all approach, and collaboration over competition: these are your credos.


Common sense and conceptual/analytical thinking drive you. And in complex business models, you’re the one who sees the bigger picture. Besides that, you always search for the best process optimization.

With your experience in different industries, you swiftly understand their business needs. “Getting-things-done” is who you are as a person and as a professional. Together with a collaborative approach to problem-solving, you deliver trust and quality.


  • A Bachelor or Master with at least two years of relevant work experience in software development projects
  • A communicative and dynamic person  and capable negotiator within Dutch, English, and French teams
  • An Agile mindset and familiar with Scrum, Kanban, and Lean principles


At Equalminds you will work in a dynamic and agile working environment where we put colleagues and clients first. Openness, transparency, and trust are at the top of our list of corporate values. Room for initiative and entrepreneurship is in our DNA.

You are part of a team of Agilists with whom you can share knowledge and experiences. And where you can inspire each other. You are also in close contact with other teams within the Fieldside cluster (architecture, cloud, development) so that you can rely on their expertise when needed.

At the various social events and Agile Cafés, we form a close-knit team after working hours. Because it’s always nice to get to know your colleagues in another setting!

Finally, we offer a competitive salary package, an extensive list of benefits and discounts, and, of course, extraordinary coffee.